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We provide a variety of water supply projects services, in challenging locations.

  • Feasibility studies
    In order to have all the relevant information about the factors on site that can affect your project, feasibility studies is an important first stage which could save you time and money in the future.
    As part of our feasibility studies, we check the local topography, climate, soil and water characteristics, transportation accessibility and any other important factor.


  • Conceptual designing
    Before getting in to the detailed engineering design of a project, it is important to form the general concept of the water infrastructure characteristics.
    This is the stage where we advise you for the different elements of the project, such as the best water source (rivers, dams, drilling), reservoirs, pumping stations and pipelines and for the optimal location of each element.

    We focus on efficiency, economical energy and adapting the system to the specific needs of the project's site.

  • Detailed designing
    Once we have the concept, we can offer you the detailed design, which will include all the specification of each element of the project.

  • Supervision services
    We also offer our supervision services, for the execution work of all the project's stages on site: bush clearing and land preparation, the construction of dams reservoirs and pumping stations, laying of GRP, steel, PVC and polyethylene pipelines and the installation of all types of irrigation systems.


  • Turnkey projects
    We can offer you all of the above as turnkey project, from scratch to operation.




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